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Building Community: How to Foster Connection and Engagement with your Tenants

In the highly competitive CRE industry, creating a thriving workplace community within your buildings is not just about leasing space - it's about fostering meaningful connections and enhancing the overall tenant experience. As property owners and managers, your goals extend beyond providing four walls and a roof; you strive to cultivate a vibrant environment where tenants feel valued, connected and engaged.

It has become essential to develop practical strategies to gain and retain tenants. The classic concierge services amenity has grown into dynamic programing that also showcases building amenities and resources, builds partnerships with companies offering goods and services that are interesting and exclusively priced, supports in-office, remote and flex workers, all while offering both onsite events and covering all the essentials of wellness.

It takes a special kind of innovativeness to build, grow and manage the level of programing expected in today's tech savvy society. It is not always practical to add staff to exclusively run these community building programs. Time taken from the property management team to stay of top of all the details can hinder the management of ones normal job duties.

Turning to a company like Inspired Concierge Group has changed the game. No longer "just" professional concierges, we are workplace engagement specialists. We have the connections and attention to detail to create and manage these types of programs. Because this is our specialty, we offer expertise that can work with any budget.


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